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Customising the Rosie Boater

I am all for getting as many different looks out of the clothes in my wardrobe as I can, and while it’s not as simple as that when it comes to Millinery, it can be done. With all the work that goes into creating a piece it is really wonderful to see them being worn more than once, and seeing the creative ways that people restyle them with a whole new outfit.

Last year I was working with one of my wonderful clients who was struggling to decide on what style of hat she wanted to wear for the Melbourne Cup carnival. The starting point was to remake the Rosie Boater but in white, then she saw a picture of my Hurley Percher and loved the use of the plastic flowers and wanted to somehow incorporate those onto the boater and, she also wanted a more of an understated headband/headpiece to wear as well.

Rosie Boater                                     Hurley Percher


White Rosie Boater, easy... Plastic Flower headband, consider it done... but how to give her a piece with all the aspects that she wanted, without having to completely blow her budget and buy multiple pieces. This conundrum called for tea, so made up a pot, got out my sketch book and got to work.

The solution I came up with was to make a boater hat base with the ability to change the hat trimmings depending on what look my client wanted to create that day, plus an additional headband that the flowers could also be attached to. Perfect!

The final product delivered could create 5 different looks in total, and each one is a unique look on it’s own.        

Looks 1 and 2

Looks 3, 4 and 5

That’s the best part about working with a Milliner directly, we can create just about anything. We take into consideration your desired overall look, your personal likes/dislikes and also, the budget that you’d like to work within. Not to mention the absolute thrill of owning a luxurious and unique piece that has been made especially for you. 

 Although the hats didn’t get to venture out last year due to a badly timed knee injury, I’m really looking forward to seeing the debut sometime in 2020! If you’re excited to see it too, make sure you’re following me Instagram as I’ll no doubt get carried away and post far too many pictures.  



PS: I just had to include the photo of the inside of this hat as it looked so delicious, like you could just take a bite out of it!

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