London Hat Week - X Terrace Exhibition – Victoria Jane Millinery

London Hat Week - X Terrace Exhibition

The event may not have gone as originally planned, but the clouds parted just a little bit and London Hat Week was able to go ahead earlier this month. 

As part of London Hat Week, X Terrace invite Milliners from all over the world are invited to submit a piece to have displayed at their exhibition. 

This was the brief that was sent out.

“The year 2020 has always seemed fictional when it was mentioned and now that we are close to this imaginary time, we would like to invite hat lovers to time travel to the future and back with creative hat designs. We are introducing a dual “future” and “retro” themed London Hat Week exhibition this year.”

I chose to create a piece using the theme “Future.” Then it was days of scrolling through Pinterest, pages of sketches and scribbles, brainstorming and flicking through all my books trying to come up with plan of what to do. I wanted to make a piece that reflected the future of reusing materials and being creative on how we source materials and how we can create sustainable fashion. 

At that time I had my purple Ceira Headpiece on display in my studio and whilst looking at the handmade plastic flowers, lightening struck! That afternoon I planned out my idea and set to work. 

I had decided to make an oversized fedora using the plastic flowers to make the brim. For the crown I had a plastic insert that was used to keep a hat in shape during delivery. 

The call went out to my friends asking what milk bottles they used and if they had the right ones to collect them over the next month for me. I ended up with about 20 bottles to execute my plan. 

After playing around with flower patterns, I picked the perfect one and got drawing, cutting and shaping. The end result made up close to 100 flowers held together with wire and a Swarovski pearl. The brim was made using millinery wire and secured to the plastic crown. 

With the base ready to go, the arduous task of attaching the flowers one by one to the brim, which involved a lot of twisting and wrapping of wire. Over all it took me about three weeks to make the flowers and get them onto the brim. 

Once everything was in place it was time to make it tidy, by binding white tulle around and around and around... one week later, it was done and off to London. 

It was my plan to follow it a few months later, but we all know how 2020 went earlier this year! Thankfully X Terrace organised a virtual tour of the exhibition and sent over some beautiful images of all the work on display. 

It was incredible to see my work on display alongside so many other wonderful creations and congratulations to all the winners of the design awards! 

I’m looking forward to London Hat Week 2021 already! 



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